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Whether you choose to give to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund Tax Credit program or give a one-time donation your gift will give a struggling student a chance for a brighter future.  Many of our students struggled in a traditional school setting and lacked the resources to get the help they needed.  Your generosity will give them a second chance at a brighter future.  

Now you can give through the OSF Donor Portal and track your donations easily and securely.  Click on the link below for more information or go directly to the OSF Portal and make your donation today! 

Opportunity Scholarship Fund 
Impact the education of kids in your
community - at little to no cost to you

We are grateful for the support we have received through our generous Tax Credit Scholarship donors.  Your support of our mission to provide educational opportunities to the under-served and under-resourced members of our communities is a game-changer for our families and for this we thank you!  

What Are Tax Credit Scholarships?

Tax-credit scholarships, sometimes called scholarship tax credits, are different from other school choice programs, such as school vouchers. What sets them apart? Tax credit scholarships uses only privately donated money, whereas vouchers reach into state coffers, and the scholarships can be sought at any participating school.  

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   **New** OSF Donor Portal
Click Image below to be directed to the portal to create an account or login to your existing account).  
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