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Hope Academy began in 2005 as a grassroots effort to address the high school dropout epidemic. Hope Academy has evolved through the years to provide options for any student seeking a non-traditional pathway to a high school diploma.  With no upper age limit, many adults have succeeded in completing their education, received a fully accredited high school diploma and gone on to post-secondary education and the workforce.  Students that have experienced educational disruption such as many Foster Care/Foster Adopted youth, those that struggled in traditional classrooms, students with chronic illnesses, or those working to support themselves have found Hope Academy's Flexible, Supportive, and Affordable model to work well for them.  Any student who desires an amazing chance to fulfill their high school educational needs, may fill out the form HERE and take an important step toward a brighter future!

Online Class
Hope Academy provides a pathway to a successful future through the attainment of an accredited high school diploma and by developing our students academically, socially, and spiritually while providing critical life and work readiness skills.  

Hope Academy desires to see every student graduate with a God-given vision for a bright and successful future Prepared for Life and Ready for a Career!


Dr. Kathren Stehno, SWCU
Mr. Lee Bartel, John3:16
Dr. Charlotte Uzzel, Charter Oak
Ms. Carolyn Brackin, ONEOK
Ms. Beverly Atteberry, Attorney
Ms. Joan Bills, Ret. LPC

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